Posted by: gnangarra | 25 January 2011

January 25, 2011

Set out this afternoon to photograph some of the place in the Wikipedia category Requested Photographs in Perth Western Australia. I managed to get a few photos of a few places and visited another couple  but decided they weren’t in a presentable condition.

  • East Perth Power Station: An interesting Building partly renovated/restored, fences made clear shots difficult but there was a couple of angles where I could photograph over the fence,
  • St Annes Hospital, Mercy Hospital:In Mt Lawley has a beautiful view over the river looking south. The gardens are well maintained creating some very pleasant aspect to photograph the buildings. Like all public buildings especially hospitals taking photographs are a question timing and patients so that people privacy is respected, when taking photographs for something like Wikipedia when from past experiences media outlets will subsequently use the photographs you need to avoid the inclusion of people, (authors note: I was born at St Annes hospital)
  • Dilhorn House:unfortunately the southerly aspect(morning sun) and maintenance vehicles at the front meant that this location wasnt photographed today it’ll have to be revisited another day,
  • Dorrien Gardens:gates were open I was able to get some from the ground that included both the grand stand and the city skyline, also a useful plate out the front that detailed the history of the ground, that give the editors something to guide them with the expansion of the article,
  • Beatty Park: quick stop just grabbed a couple of the front of the buildings, noting its been scheduled to be renovated over the winter months must try to get back and get some photographs inside before then,
  • Leederville oval: bad timing morning sun would be better but traffic was congested another one the list of places to be revisited, but like Dilhorn house this will be a good subject or a sunday morning, since its only 5-10 minute drive between the two both can be revisited at the same time,
  • E & D Litis Stadium: started life in 1959 as a velodrome was used during the 1962 Empire Games(now Commonwealth Games) the original buildings from then are still there as is the basic structure of the track though the track surface has long since gone.  I quickly duck in through an open gate to take some photographs while doing this I met a fantastic and helpful person called Sam. He was surprise I even knew of the history and that I wanted to take photographs of the venue. Sam showed me through the buildings including the tunnel that led from the change rooms into the centre of track for the competitors and is still used today. The change rooms are the original ones from 1959 while maintained they are still in near original conditioned with only minor changes like replacing of tiles and upgrading power to todays requirements have occurred, though they do need some significant work due to the nearby ghost gums that caused some uplift and damaged the drainage systems, while its part of a heritage listed complex the reality of the ravages of time this building will probably become fodder for the bulldozers in the future.  Sam also show me through he current club rooms there are many wonderful photographs of teams from the 1960’s 1970’s that show the track still in place in the background, he told me that he photographs from around 20 years ago when E & D Litis gave the club the funds it needed to make E & D Litis Stadium the clubs permanent home. This included removal of the old track the rest of the seating that had deteriorated and was dangerous along with the lowering of the high banks where the seating once was. Even after all this work the original layout, landscaping is clearly visible. Just the time I spent today with Sam was is invaluable in both the access to photograph but also in being able to describe what changes if any have taken place in the descriptions,
  • Loreto Convent: was the next destination unfortunately my notes on its location meant I didn’t get there so it’ll just have to stay on the list of required photo until another day.

After taking these photographs I decided to join the regular Tuesday walk of Flickr photographers from the group:Photographers in Perth(PIP) this evenings walk was around Cottesloe beach we initially met up on the Cottesloe Groyne after the obligatory photograph across the water towards the tea rooms we headed south past the sun-dial down onto the beach then for some shots around the rocks before heading back north alone the road to the OBH(Ocean Beach hotel) after some toing and froing as the work crowd joined us we headed down onto the sand and walked north again before heading to MadLily burgers which were very nice. We then headed back along the road to the golf course where plans were made to head to northbridge for coffee.

Remember all my photo can be viewed on Flickr, all photos are copyright “Photographs by Gnangarra”, I will be uploading the Wikipedia photographs to Wikimedia Commons where they can be used in all language Wikipedias


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